16 Aug 2016

Headpiece Styles

Headpiece Styles

Floral Wreaths feature a circle of flowers or baby’s breath that sit on top of the head, and may or may not circle at the mid-forehead.

Juliet cap snugly fits the crown of the head, ornately encrusted with pearls and sequins.

Mantilla features a lace trimmed netting with or without a simple base fitting closely across the top of the head, usually secured with an elegant comb, gently framing the face.

Picture Hat features a very large brim often elaborately decorated with laces, beads and sequins.

Tiara also known as a crown, rests high atop the head, usually encrusted with crystals, pearls or lace.

Coronet features a crescent shaped base decorated with satin and lace, resting high on the crown of the head.

Except for the Mantilla, veiling is usually attached to all of the above headpieces.

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