16 Aug 2016

Bridesmaid Luncheon

The Bridesmaid Luncheon

In appreciation and gratitude for their participation in her wedding, it is traditional for the bride to treat her maids to a party.  It may be an elegant afternoon tea, dinner out at the finest restaurant, or a pizza extravaganza held in a private home.  It doesn’t so much matter, the formality of the affair, but the importance is in making everyone feel comfortable and that they have a good time.

The luncheon is a perfect time for introducing out-of-town attendants, schedule final dress fittings, display wedding gifts, and distribute presents to the maids.  Items of jewelry, chosen especially to be worn as accessories during the wedding, make popular gift items given to attendants today.

A delightful tradition, bringing old world customs into the wedding, includes baking a ring, coin or thimble inside a pink cake for desert.  Strawberry cake is perfect for this occasion when decorated with fluffy pink frosting.  Legend says that the fair maiden whose slice of cake contains the trinket will be the next to wed.  Another rendition suggests the one, whose slice of cake contains the trinket, will be “blessed in affairs of the heart.”   (also see “Old Word Customs and Traditions”) Sentimental verses or fortunes, written on pink paper and carefully wrapped in and protected by tin foil, then baked in the cake, is another great idea.  Want to be sure everyone receives a token?  Carefully place each trinket between two layers of cake, after baking, while marking where the tokens reside.  Later when cutting the cake, follow the markings to know where to cut, giving each person their own surprise.

Bridesmaid luncheons are held between one and two weeks prior to the wedding.  Last minute luncheons are generally scheduled late, on purposes, allowing out-of-town attendants to arrive and participate in some of the festivities surrounding the wedding.

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