20 Aug 2016

Big Red Twist Punch

Big Red Twist Punch


Thank you Katheryn DeWolfe for submitting this recipe.
I had this punch at a bar-b-que for a cousin’s birthday when i was 12 and we’re going to use it at the reception.

2 liter bottle Big Red (red punch soda)
46oz can pineapple juice
2-3 small cans crushed pineapple

Pour Big Red and Pineapple juice evenly. Put one can crushed pineapple in punch. Use the rest of the Crushed pineapple and extra juice to make ice-ring. Trust me it’s really good!!! You may want to add more or less Big Red to taste. I’m not sure how many it serves because it’s so easy to refill by just opening a can of pineapple juice and bottle of Big Red evenly.

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