19 Aug 2016

Save the Date Etiquette

Save the Date Etiquette


You’re engaged!  You have set the date, booked the church and the reception hall and now you can start thinking about that guest list.  Whether your wedding is to be a grand and elaborate affair, or just a simple gathering, you want all of your guests to be there.  Why not send out Save the Date cards?   Save the Date cards are especially helpful if you are planning a destination wedding or your nuptials will be held over a holiday.  But, regardless of your wedding location, your guests will appreciate the advance notice.  Also, you have the added satisfaction of knowing that your wedding is on their calendars.  Many Save the Date cards now include photos and magnets that will provide an even longer lasting impression.

Save the Date Etiquette

Save the Date cards can be mailed up to one year, or more, in advance of your wedding and should mention that a wedding invitation will follow.   Make sure that your guest list does not need any thinning as every guest that receives a Save the Date should receive an invitation and vice versa.   Keep the wording simple.  All you really need are your names, wedding date and the location.  You may opt for a Save the Date that matches your invitations but don’t limit yourself. There are also many fun designs that just may speak to your lighter side.

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