16 Aug 2016

Wedding Gown Laces

Wedding Gown Laces

Alencon is an exquisite lace originating in France.  Heavy cording, on a background of fine net,  outlines the pattern of this beautiful lace, creating a durable design.

All Over Lace is a wide lace, repeating the same pattern throughout the fabric.

Chantilly is another lace from France. It’s graceful floral display has a soft, draping characteristic.  Unlike Alencon lace, it does not have cording surrounding the design.

Cluny Lace is made with loosely-twisted yarn giving it an old fashion look and a three-dimensional feel.

Coin Dot Lace features circles or dots woven into lace or netting.

Re-embroidered Lace is a term used to describe the cording which outlines the floral pattern of lace.

Schiffli Lace is a machine made, delicate floral embroidery,  made of cotton or rayon yarn and embroidered onto any number of soft sheer fabrics. The most popular background for this lace is either organza or polynet..

Valenciennes Lace features a net background with diamond or round shaped holes.  The design is flat, sheer and woven with cotton, nylon or polyester fibers.

Venice Lace features a heavy, raised floral design that has long been a favorite wedding lace.  It has a three-dimensional appearance.  The background has been burnt out leaving only the yarns which are most often made of cotton or rayon.

Wedgewood Lace is a delicate lace with a point d’esprit field and an intricately detailed border.

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