16 Aug 2016



Illusion is a very fine quality of veiling imported from England or France.  It may be found trimmed with lace or embroidery, but commonly used without edging.

Blusher is a loose veil worn forward over the face, or back over the headpiece; often attached to a longer, two or three tiered veil.

Fingertip length has long been the most popular, gracefully falling across the shoulders to the fingertips when the arm is extended.

Chapel length is a cascading veil about two and a third yards from the headpiece.

Ballet (waltz length) features a veil falling to the ankles.

Cathedral length features a veil flowing about three and a half-yard from the headpiece. Usually worn with a cathedral train.

Flyaway veil has multiple layers that brush the shoulders, usually worn with an informal gown, or with a gown featuring an exquisite back, too pretty to hide with a veil

Most veils are made from a fabric called “illusion”.  Illusion resembles netting, but in a softer fabric often made of silk or nylon.  Veils often include poufs, which are small gathers of veiling on the crown of a headpiece.  Wreaths often have flowing ribbons cascading into “love knots” down the back.

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