16 Aug 2016

Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner

The wedding rehearsal is followed by a dinner for members of the wedding party.  The grooms parents traditionally are responsible for the financial obligation of the rehearsal dinner, however any other close relative or friend may do the honor.

All attendants, the bride and her fiancé’s immediate families, the officiate and spouse, as well as any out-of-town guests are included in the guest list.  Family and friends of the bride or the host may also be invited.  It is considerate to invite the spouse or significant other of each attendant.

The rehearsal dinner is usually held in a private home or a restaurant and is as formal or informal as the host would like, just so long as the wedding remains the main attraction.  At some point during the evening, the best man offers a toast to the bride and groom.  The groom then follows with a toast to his bride and her parents.  The bride may follow with a toast her groom  and his family.

If the attendants gifts have not already been passed out, now is the time to do so.  An early evening is suggested as the events of the following day will be exhausting.  The bride and her attendants will appreciate their beauty sleep.

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