16 Aug 2016

Bachelor Party

The Bachelor Party

The bachelor dinner or bachelor party is another one of those optional customs and has long held a reputation as the last chance for the groom and his attendants to release their pre-wedding jitters.

The bachelor party dinner may be hosted by the groom’s friends or by the groom himself, in much the same way the bride hosts the bridesmaid luncheon.  It is the perfect time for him to pass out gifts of appreciation to his best man, ushers and groomsmen.  Unlike the custom of giving gifts which can be worn during the wedding, as in the case of the brides attendants, the gifts received by the grooms attendants are more likely not to be worn or used in the wedding.  Gifts often include engraved money clips, steins, or knives, but the ideas are endless.

At some point during the bachelor party festivities, usually immediately following dinner, the groom proposes a champagne toast to his bride, as she is not in attendance.  Traditionally, each man then smashes his glass so it many never again be used for a less worthy purpose.  If drinking follows, it is wise for the bachelor party be scheduled a few days before the actual ceremony, instead of following the rehearsal dinner on the night before the wedding.

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