Six to Twelve Months before the Wedding
15 Aug 2016

Six to Twelve Months before the Wedding

Six to Twelve Months before the Wedding

  • First things First. . . Determine your wedding date.
  • Choose the style and formality of your wedding which best suits your lifestyle and personality. “Classic Formal,” “Formal,” “Semi-Formal” or “Informal.”
  • Discuss your wedding budget. “Who pays for what?” Will your parents contribute?
  • Choose a color scheme and theme for your wedding.
  • Explore possible chapels, churches or synagogue locations. Be sure to put a security deposit on your desired selection. Remember – to guarantee your favorite wedding and reception site, reservations must often be made a year or more in advance.
  • Choose your honor attendants, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers, requesting their participation in your ceremony.
  • Carefully select a bridal gown and veil to reflect your personality and style. When you find the gown of your dreams, order it immediately. It often requires a minimum of three to four months for a special order gown to arrive from the factory. Allow additional time for alterations and final fittings. Be prepared to make at least a 50% deposit. There are NO REFUNDS on wedding gown purchases. Be sure of your selection! If it is a one-of-a-kind gown and no longer reorder-able, or on a sale rack, buy it today. In some areas, rental of your wedding gown may be an option to consider.
  • Select your bridesmaid gowns and accessories. Place gown orders, for each maid, at the same time, to assure an identical dye lot.
  • Interview caterers, if not already included in your favored reception site. Once you have made your final choice, be sure to secure the date with a signed contract and a security deposit. Here again, be certain of your selection, as your deposit may well be nonrefundable in the event you cancel or change your date.
  • Compile your guest list. Remember, you have five lists to combine and refine. Yours, his, your family’s, his family’s and your master list of the four. When the guest list must be kept to a specific or limited number, be sure to give your family’s the number of guests they may add to their list. Do this when you request the list, rather than after you receive it, to keep from having hurt feelings in the event you must eliminate names.
  • Begin interviewing wedding photographers, videographers and musicians. In many areas, it may behoove you to make your selection and put a deposit on your date to insure their availability for your event. Because your deposits will likely be nonrefundable, and many times, nontransferable, be certain of your date and time before placing your reservation.
  • Engagement parties are appropriate during this time. Also see “Pre-Wedding Parties and Events.”
  • Send your engagement announcement to the local newspaper.

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