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Why Does the Bride Wear a Veil?

Why a Bride's Handkerchief?

Why the Honeymoon?

Why Do the Attendants Dress Alike?

Why the Blue Satin Garter?

Why a Matchmaker?

Why a Trousseau?

Why Does the Bride Wear White?

Why Does the Bride Carry Flowers?

Why Something Blue?

Why a Wedding Cake?

The Tradition of the Bridal Shower?

Why Carry the Bride Across the Threshold?

Why Old Shoes and Rice?

Giving the Bride Away?

Why an Engagement Ring?

Why the Third Finger, Left-hand?

Why a Wedding Ring?

Discovering Wedding Customs and Traditions of the Past

The wedding is one of life's primeval and surprisingly unchanged rites of passage.  Nearly all of the customs we observe today are merely echoes of the past.  Everything from the veil, rice, flowers, and old shoes, to the bridesmaids and processionals, at one time, bore a very specific and vitally significant meaning.  Today, although the original substance is often lost, we incorporate old world customs into our weddings because they are traditional and ritualistic.

Old world marriage customs continue to thrive today, in diluted, disguised and often upgraded forms.  Customs we memorialize today, were once "brand new" ideas.  Although historical accuracy is hard to achieve, the historical weight attached to old world wedding customs and traditions is immense.  While reading through these pages, feel free to use, reinterpret or omit them in your own wedding.

Remember, as you plan for your wedding, to create new family traditions and customs  to be handed down to your children and their children.  Just think, maybe someday, your "new custom" will be as unique and exciting as these presented here.



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